Caribbean Stud-Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a game that players can play with the aim of having a lot of fun. There are many different poker games, and even several different stud poker games, but Caribbean Stud poker is definitely the most fun. The objective in the fun and exciting game of Caribbean stud poker is to get a hand that is better than the dealer’s. In that respect, as well as many others, the Caribbean Stud poker game bears a strong resemblance to another great casino game, the game of blackjack.
As with any poker game, play begins after all the bets are placed. This is the initial ante bet. Every bet subsequent to that in Caribbean Stud poker is known as a call bet. The call bet is placed by Caribbean Stud poker players when the dealer reveals the first of his cards and the player thinks that he can beat the dealer’s hand. If the Caribbean Stud poker player thinks that his hand will not beat the dealer’s he surrenders, and forfeits his ante bet. Although quite simple as far as rules go, the Caribbean Stud poker game can be quite difficult to win at. The important thing is, however, that it is fun to play.